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Peter RileyPeter Riley, Curator 01722 343275

Ruskin said ‘The role of an artist is not to teach people how to draw, but to see’

On reflection I see that this expression has occupied a central element in my working life. Fine arts and craft I have always found motivating and engaged. It has been a privilege to study fine art and briefly work an art practitioner. However my main preoccupation has been promoting the arts. It is a challenging domain and a huge privilege to support students in exhibition and museum design, set up exhibitions throughout the world and work in leading national institutions such as the National Galleries of Scotland and The V&A Museum in London. These activities have pre-occupied me over the past 38 years.

As gallery manager and Curator of Young Gallery – Salisbury, the growing collections and exhibition program providing the impetus for a larger vision for the visual arts in the local community, Wiltshire and in the SW.
Edwin Young and John Creasey’s legacies need to be built on if they are to survive in these challenging times. We want to reach new audiences, to provide the catalyst for a new response and engagement in the arts. Encourage people to ‘SEE’ and reap the benefit, be it beauty, enjoyment or question.

Pablo Picasso said  “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Art is surely the domain of life and we all give expression to it.

Please join the Young Friends, come to our exhibitions and help us to achieve our vision.


preSENSE Creative Team

Helen Brown, Guest Curator

Helen Brown

Double Take

Helen Brown is a freelance curator and museum consultant based in Cheltenham with many years experience in curating exhibitions in museums and galleries. She is particularly interested in working with collections and in working with artists and makers in museums and galleries.


Prudence Maltby, Guest Curator

Pru MaltbyThe Plant Project

Prudence Maltby lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

She spent 35 years in Africa and much of her work reflects this period.  Her work is mostly studio based, the framework of reference nearly always autobiographical.  Her recent series she calls her ‘scar’ drawings.

Linn OCarroll, Guest Artist

Linn O'CarrollGlimpse

Linn is a freelance artist living and working in Wiltshire.  Her work is based on her love of walking, the ancient Wiltshire landscape, her keen eye and ability to find interest and beauty in the small, otherwise un-noticed details.  On her walks she captures and collects these finds to use in her work.  Chance meetings, discussions and finding connections between people, places and objects fascinate her, and are often  represented in her work.

David Davies, Guest Artist

DD photo July15 resized 20David Davies lives in Frome, Somerset and works in Wiltshire, Dorset and Cornwall. He is a writer and arts and wellbeing practitioner and works mainly with poetry, objects and dialogue.  David’s background includes community work and radio feature making. His work is both community and studio-based and often uses group-work participation, dynamics and transition as a way of producing and showing work.


David’s focus for preSENSE is ‘Landscape and Settlement’, referencing the Young Gallery collections alongside personal and community responses. This work will be shown at the Young Gallery in July and August this year.