dt2 (2)Double-take: Exploring contemporary art

The first exhibition of the exciting preSENSE project Double-Take created by Guest curator Helen Brown is a collection of contemporary art from the 1960s onwards which includes work by some of Britain’s leading artists.

Double-Take puts two works together exploring their similarities and differences and engaged with the audience by encouraging their participation through visitors making their own pairings.

The exhibition ncludes work by Gillian Ayres, Howard Hodgkin, Richard Wentworth, Susan Hiller, photographer Fay Godwin and sculptor Peter Randall-Page.  It includes some of the earliest contemporary work acquired for the collection such as Howard Hodgkin’s All alone at the museum of contemporary art as well as its most recent acquisition Carbon Cleaving by Emma McNally which explores an imagined landscape of trails and trackways.

“It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with the Young Collection, a real journey of discovery to find such wonderful things in the gallery picture store. This is a collection Salisbury should be proud of and I hope that as a result of the projects this year the collection will be better known.”  Helen Brown

The exhibition was a huge success with many visitors using the cards provided to make their own pairings and commenting on why they had chosen them.  A wonderful and inspiriting way to engage with the audience and showing that art is very everything and there are no wrong or right answers.

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