Glimpse is the project of artists in residence Linn O’Carroll and one sunny Sunday she took the John Creasey walking sticks back to their home that is now New Hall Hospital at Bodenham!  You can read more here about the day she “ran away with the circus“!

Walking Sticks on Tour

John Creasey had a wonderful contemporary art collection, which he has left to the people of Salisbury, and his eclectic personal ephemera offer ‘glimpses’ into the type of man he was. Linn is using his amazing walking stick archive, which he collected, on his many trips around the world, as a creative starting point.

Linn has invited Hale Primary School to participate in a series of informal creative after school workshops which will encourage a ‘ground-up’ approach to learning, investigation and experimenting, capturing “a child-like sense of wonder.”  This journey of discovery will be presented in a ‘wonder-kammer’ a huge 1950’s index library card ‘cabinet of curiosity’, visual experimental time-lines and an audio archive.

She will be collaborating with a local stick-maker from Woodfalls, an artist/poet (blogging) and guest curators, all of whom are part of ‘Pre-Sense’ Arts Residency at The Young Gallery engaging new audiences and re-interpreting the language of the art collections held at Salisbury Library.


Linn is also working in partnership with a local walking group and Wiltshire Rights Of way Officer on a part of the project which is under development.Linn will have a Work-In-Progress show in June, where some of Creasey’s collection will be exhibited alongside Hale pupils work, responses and their collections. The main exhibition of Linn’s ‘Glimpse’ residency will be in April-May 2015 and all pupils and partners will be invited to the Private view and exhibition at The Young Gallery Salisbury.