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Listen to Linn O’Carroll’s interview, Wiltshire ancient landscape exhibition with Jill Misson here >>> http://bbc.in/1dZ1FB

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Walking, the greatest of levelers, connects us to landscape, place, people and their stories.  Linn O’Carroll artist in residence explores and shares her childlike sense of wonder at the small, the found and serendipitous moments that inspire creative connections.

2038 - Version 2 (2)

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Her scientific table (pictured above) uses her ‘finders keepers’ and explores their meaning in the context of our everyday lives and routines, installing them in familiar yet un-noticed places (a supermarket roundabout). The exhibition includes found objects, drawings, prints and multi-media installations.

Her exhibition part of preSENSE, a project that aims to develop audiences and raise awareness for the Young Gallery through a programme of new exhibitions and innovative participatory arts activities. Linn’s inspiration came initially from John Creasey’s walking stick collection – Creasey was a crime/thriller writer who lived in New Hall, Salisbury. The John Creasey Museum is part of the Young Gallery.


Follow Linn O’Carroll’s journey by visiting her Guardian Witness Assignment wonderwanderer …. a collection of hunter / gatherer assignments.

seed head

A finders-keepers seed head…hyper-real…

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