Dust Around Space Around Object (Removed) - Settlement, David Davies ‘Settlement’, as part of preSENSE is a sustained piece of work, by writer and artist David Davies, conceived as a gallery-poem using text voices and art.

The work includes and responds to themes of ‘landscape and settlement’ taken from paintings, drawings and sculpture work from the Young Gallery Collections at Salisbury.  Responses include new assemblage and visual material, together with additional artefacts and text from Wessex Archaeology and creative work inspired by the recent Burrow Clump excavation, a partnership between the Ministry of Defence and Wessex Archaeology, on Salisbury Plain.

“That people could come into the world in a place they could not at first even name and had never known before; and that out of a nameless and unknown place they could grow and move around in it until its name they knew and called with love, and call it HOME, and put roots there and love others there; so that whenever they left this place they would sing homesick songs about it and write poems of yearning for it, like a lover…” – ‘The House of Breath’, 1950, William Goyen.

“I shall see your houses like fireflies in the hollow of the hills.” – ‘The Poetics of Space’, 1958, Gaston Bachelard

4 Horizon“Attachment to the self renders life more opaque. One moment of complete forgetting and all the screens, one behind the other, become transparent so that you can perceive clarity to its very depths, as far as the eye can see; and at the same time everything becomes weightless.” Seedtime – Notebooks, 1954-79, 2013, Philippe Jaccottet, translated Tess Lewis.




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